Howard Beckman – Vedic Astrology WORKSHOPS

May 11-12, 2018

Howard Beckman


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1) Vibrational Healing and the Vedas

Everything in existence originates in vibration. Subtle worlds, the dream plane and other mental “worlds” begin with thought vibrations.

Material matter derives from subtle vibrations of light and color before manifesting in the physical world.

Vedic astrology is the science analyzing vibrations on the mental plane that transform desire into action, creating a body to incarnate into. It is the science of transmigration of the soul, the story of our karma as we reincarnate from one life to the next.
Mantras, Yantras and Gems are the tools of Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology used to heal subtle, as well as physical, disruptions of the mind and body.
In this talk Howard will introduce the fascinating world of Vedic vibrational healing revealed in ancient yoga philosophy and the Vedic sciences.

Cost: FREE – Open to anyone!

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2) Vedic Astrology – The Cosmic Connection

This workshop will open doors into sacred, timeless, self- knowledge. Our action shapes our destiny, Karma!

  • What is Karma?
  • Explore the information in our Vedic horoscopes and what it reveals about our lives.
  • Understand the “why” of past events.
  • Factors surrounding “now”!
  • Gaze into the window of future events.
  • Vedic Astrology – The Cosmic Connection

Get Inspired!

  • Do you feel unfulfilled?
  • Do you seek peace of mind?
  • Do you want more confidence?
  • Do you ever wonder if you will find a good partner?
  • Do wonder if your talents/abilities match your career?
  • Do you have health issues?
  • Vedic Astrology – The Cosmic Connection

If you say “yes” to any of the above, then you should attend this workshop. Bring your date of birth, your time, and the place where you were born.
These and many other answers will be answered in this amazing interactive workshop with Howard “Hamsa” Beckman.
Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, offers a life changing experience that allows us to delve into the ultimate purpose of our destiny. It gives us the power to live without fear and understand who we really are and what it is we really should be doing. This workshop will attract people from all walks of life!

Cost: $60 or $108 for both workshops

+ NEW DIGITAL ONLY Mp3 option available at check out! We will email links to the MP3s after and you can listen on your own time!

3) Gem Therapy – Vibrational Healing

For thousands of years Ayurvedic doctors and Astrologers throughout India and Tibet have prescribed specific gemstones. They may be worn, kept hidden from view on our person or used to make simple elixirs. Gems can be used to treat health problems from chronic conditions to infection, as well as enhancing specific cosmic vibrations. They transmit a particular frequency that is absorbed by our body’s cellular structure. Over time our nervous system resonates in sympathy with this new influence and healing begins to take place.
In this workshop we will explore how specific Vedic “Live” gems’ vibratory qualities may be used to:

  • change and influence our brainwaves
  • affect the cellular vibrations in the body necessary for healthy functioning of major organs and glands
  • treat depression and anxiety
  • treat obesity
  • help relieve pain and neurological imbalances associated with hormonal problems
  • help overcome low energy
  • strengthen weak immune function

Howard will share which gems in an astrological horoscope can help with:

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Overall Health
  • Inner calm and contemplation

This exciting workshop will attract all who care about their health, well being and relationships.

Cost: $60 or $108 for both workshops

+ NEW DIGITAL ONLY Mp3 option available at check out! We will email links to the MP3s after and you can listen on your own time!

Cancellation Policy for Howard Beckman Workshops:

No refunds. Workshops requires 2 weeks notice of cancellation by phone or email. You will receive a credit, less a cancellation fee of $25 per workshop ($50 if registered for the whole weekend), within 2 weeks or you may apply your payment towards studio credit towards another workshop/training. If cancel within 2 weeks of a workshop, your payment is forfeited, and no studio credit will be given.