Women’s Yoga, Hiking & Empowerment Adventure in COLORADO 2017

in the Colorado Rockies including in and around Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Evergreen and Divide

June 23-29, 2017

Hosted by Tanya Boigenzahn & Nina Roberts Salveson

6 spots left! Sign Up Now!
CEs for RYTs: 30+

Single: $2350* ($2550 after April 23)
Double: $1950* ($2150 after April 23)
Payment Plan: $300 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit to hold your spot until 5/31 when final payment is due. Balance due by 4/23 to receive early bird pricing.
Please read our Registration & Cancellation Policies below prior to signing up.


CONTACT US to get the MP3 LINK to our Info Session from 4/17/17

Your MOSTLY-INCLUSIVE Retreat Includes:

  • 6 night stay, 7 days
  • Daily Yoga, Mind Motion, Meditation classes and group Coaching sessions. (Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong, Mindful exercises and more)
  • Empowerment Rituals including Manifestation Circles, Vision Quest & Shamanic Drum Journey
  • Powerful New Moon Ritual and Celebration on June 23 to kick off our retreat together
  • A Meditation Immersion & Yoga Nidra
  • Sound Healing Reiki Session
  • White Water Rafting Adventure and Lunch (qualified teachers, rafting gear and insurance included)
  • Horseback Riding + Archery or Shooting Range at a Dude Ranch
  • Guided Mountain Nature Hikes to Hot Springs, Cliff Dwellings and Waterfalls
  • Sunrise Yoga at Red Rocks Ampitheater
  • Thai Yoga Bodywork and yIN-Sight workshop to relieve aches and pains
  • 6 healthy buffet breakfasts
  • 3 group dinners + 3 group lunches*
  • Fresh fruits, tea, snacks and drinks – hiking snacks made with mostly organic grown products.
  • Free use of Spa and Gym, Sauna, outdoor swimming pool, sport court, volleyball court, community BBQ and firepit
  • Optional Massage & Bodywork – to be scheduled – details coming soon
  • Transportation within Colorado**
  • Amazing time with amazing women in sisterhood and sangha!

*3 lunches and dinners NOT included – we recommend bringing around $200 for various meals and incidentals
**Travel to and from Denver, CO from your hometown NOT included. Contact us for the flight info. If you are from another city, let us know and we can tell you what time to arrive/depart to the Denver airport.

Retreat Intention & Connections

The Future is Female!

Women of ALL backgrounds (there is strength in diversity!) are wholeheartedly invited to partake on this unique, timely and exciting group trip to one of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places on Earth. The time is now to honor, cherish, challenge, nurture, nourish and strengthen our bond to each other not only as women, but as HUMANS who are determined to help usher in equality, sisterhood and self-mastery in their personal lives, home and communities. Tanya and Nina are committed to fostering an environment of empowerment and support so that you can come and do what you need to do. Whatever your intention, women are welcomed and received to come challenge yourself to reach new heights (literally!), take a much needed break to recharge, and/or set a new course for yourself in 2017.

Mind/Body/Nature Connection

Let the natural harmony of the Colorado Rocky Mountains expand and deepen your yoga practice as we take the pursuit of balance beyond the mat, to savor and absorb the natural bounty that surrounds us. Yoga, Hiking and Nature offer the ideal combination of spectacular sights and soul-soothing rejuvenation.

This retreat that revolves around what author Richard Louv calls the “mind/body/nature connection” in his book The Nature Principle – Reconnecting with Life in a Virtual Age. We’ll combine daily yoga and hiking with deep discussions, reflection, intention setting and meditation based on themes in the book. Bring your dog-eared and underlined personal copy if you have one! Otherwise, we’ll have a fresh copy waiting for you in your goodie bag.

Mountain Pose in the Mountains

Our Yoga, Hiking and Empowerment Women’s Retreat is a 6-night retreat in Colorado’s staggering and beautiful landscapes.

Spend your days deepening your yoga practice and strengthening your body and mind to better explore the unique, exceptional beauty of Colorado Springs, Buena Vista, Manitou Springs, Evergreen, Beaver Creek and Divide. We’ll hike the Bergan Loop trail, Evergreen Lake Trail, Three Sisters trail, and others as we acclimate for the first 3 days of our adventure. We will explore the famous 7 Falls, and enjoy sunrise yoga at the Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Manitou Springs. We’ll even whitewater raft and horseback ride on this retreat. We included it all!

Our peak SUMMIT hike leads to a beautiful CO peak surrounded on three sides by various level peaks. We’ll traverse alpine meadows coated in wildflowers, a tumbling quartz bed creek, and towering spruce and subalpine fir, and peak to spectacular views – and possible caribou and bighorn sheep sightings!

After splendid views, three square meals of gourmet delights, and all the down dogs and mountaintops you can handle, settle in for the evening with a dip in the hot tub, maybe a glass of wine, great conversation, and a breathtaking canopy of stars overhead.

On This Retreat, You’ll Enjoy:

  • Loft and Luxury Lodging – Spend six nights in modern lodging in loft-style suites with single and double rooms (3-4 people per suite).
  • Daily Yoga – Build body and mind self-awareness and openness that prepare you for hiking (and life!) with a special focus on the back, hips, and core. We’ll do some yoga on the trail, and there will also be plenty of post-hike restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra, too!
  • Group Coaching – Experience the power of group coaching as a process of self-discovery. Our approach to Life Coaching is Strengths-Based, where the process aims at building a strong foundation by exploring your core values and beliefs. The environment is warm, safe, positive and nonjudgmental. Experience your essence and be empowered in the essence and support of a group of like-minded, supportive women!
  • Delicious Meals – Enjoy fresh and healthy meals at some of our favorite CO restaurants.
  • Meditation & Journaling – Set your intentions through a series of meditation and journaling exercises specifically designed for yogis and hikers.
  • Communion with Nature – Promote deeper connections with nature, wisdom, healing, silence, and serenity. Immerse in nature’s nourishment, know it’s time for restoration and investment in your inner knowing. The beauty of the Colorado Rockies, Aspens, prairies, red rocks, hot springs, forests, and waterfalls welcome you.
  • Wildlife Watching – Take advantage of unparalleled wildlife watching opportunities — elk, caribou, birds, and moose!
  • Group Hikes – Trek through the stunning Colorado landscapes, breathe in the clear air, and relish the views. Our hikes average 6 miles, at significant altitude. The Advanced Yoga & Hiking includes a 12 mile round trip peak hike.


“I am so excited to go on another adventure with Tanya. My last trip with her was to Thailand, and everything from the planning and accommodations to great excursions and a wonderful group dynamic can all be attributed to Tanya’s beautiful spirit and desire to create a memorable trip for everyone. It took me two seconds to sign up for the Yoga, Hiking and Women’s Empowerment Retreat in Colorado, because I already know that Tanya puts together a great trip. I’m looking forward to getting out in nature and rejuvenating my spirit.”


… Beautiful accommodations and some of the most informative and wonderful yoga we’ve ever done. Plus, butt-kicking hikes with gorgeous views. We aim to help provide the environment and support to help create the retreat that is exactly what you were looking for (whether you knew it when you signed up or not)!

… Many people will tell you that they feel most spiritual when they’re in nature. Others will tell you it’s when they are in meditation or yoga. For YOU, it MAY BE all of the above – Add to that great (old and new) friends and wonderful food, and great memories.

… Return home with a clearer mind and perspective on life as a whole. This adventure retreat will jump-start something significant inside you.

… The celebration of, strengthening, and nurturing of the female spirit.

During your stay you will dedicate your time to deeply reconnect and rediscover your Mind & Body. This happens in a beautiful environment so you can also relax and rest at the same time.

Our commitment is to make this retreat a profound experience, to train awareness and boost your physical health, to re-energize your life in an active way, developing a healthy, happy and connected state of being to live a full and happy life.

This Women’s Yoga, Hiking and Empowerment Adventure Retreat is for all levels, and is designed for people that are looking for an insight on their life in a harmonious way, treating both body and mind to become more awake and aware of their lives. In a natural environment our senses can awaken and our body begins to feel freer to experience some new challenges.

The mountain hikes provide a full experience with nature as well as a therapy.

Yoga exercises are the essential elements to connect with your mind, body and Nature. The yoga will be combining the styles of Hatha, ParaYoga, Yin, Restorative, Sivananda, Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda and Mindfulness. In the mornings the yoga sessions will be more active to get you ready to ride the waves during the day, get more aware of your body, achieve more flexibility and go beyond your limits.

In the afternoon on scheduled days, enjoy more calming and restorative practices that give you the necessary relaxation and inner peace just before a great meal and a restorative sleep.

Our Philosophy

Life is a great ocean of potentials. We are sailing on this ocean and we are the captain… no, Goddess!… of our own ship. In order to set our destination and to sail where we want to sail, we have to maintain our vessel in good condition, and know the workings of our ship, the workings of the tides, the currents and the weather.

So, too, must we know the workings of our mind in order to create and live fully. If we want to learn and grow, we have to pay attention. Attention, awareness or consciousness is something that we tend to lack during most of our lives. If we want to feel the connection with the Moment, the NOW, or God, the Creator or whatever way one looks at it, or whatever one wants to call it, we have to become sensitive and conscious. We are a part of universal creation just as creation is a part of us. When we awaken, we can flow, and we can co-create harmoniously with the Universal Creative Force.

We are conscious, sensitive and creative beings that have the power and the right to decide our state of mind. We experience this life with both our body and mind.  If we are unaware of the workings of our minds and live unconsciously, we may become victims of all the negative states our thoughts and actions produce in our daily life. If we are healthy and “correctly tuned,” a harmonious life unfolds in and around us. We can train our mind and body to become more aware and more conscious about

our lives and the reality it produces. This retreat aims at guiding women to embody this clarity to return to your home – both inside your heart and in the world.

Your Guides

Tanya Boigenzahn, E-RYT 500, RTT/Instructor, AYS, CHTP, Yoga Therapist, YACEP, Reiki Master, Certified Level 2 ParaYoga® Teacher, & Certified Four Desires Trainer is a long-time lover of the outdoors, yoga and travel. Summiting multiple 14,000 peaks in Colorado, plus living in Lander, Wyoming as a rock climber in her 20s has given her a deep appreciation for the Rocky Mountains, and calls them home. Having led retreats to Thailand, India, Costa Rica, etc., Tanya is passionate about travel, wellness and sharing enriching and transformative expereinces with students around the world. Founder and Director of Devanadi School of Yoga and Wellness, Tanya devotes her life to sharing the gifts of yoga, wellness and well being with clarity, ease, and joy while keeping in mind the constant evolution of the soul.

Nina Roberts Salveson, DM, MA, CPPC, CHNLP, E-RYT 500, Yoga Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Spiritual Soul and Life Purpose Coach, BCC Certified Positive Pyschology Wellness Coach, and Initiated Modern Shamanic Healer, has been communing and adventuring through the wilderness all her life. Known for her lighthearted and curious approach to experiencing life’s magic and wonder, Nina has led retreats for many years, and has also challenged herself with numerous outdoor adventures, most recently a 50 mile backpacking trip across the West Coast Pacific Trail in British Columbia. Nina was a high school dance coach and personal trainer for 8 years, and continues service as a veteran life coach, yoga teacher, and energetic healer. Nina founded and directed ENSO Yoga and Wellness Center for 8 years, which offered exceptional traditional Yoga, Nia and Tai Chi immersion experiences, transformational and spiritual discovery journeys, retreats and adventures. Nina is a devoted seeker whose calling is to inspire others to discover their most authentic passion, purpose and soul’s fullest expression.


Payment & Cancellation Policies: $300 non-refundable/non-transferable deposit to hold your spot until 5/31 when final payment is due. Balance due by 4/23 to receive early bird pricing. As a significant portion of our trip costs are already committed well in advance of each trip, there are no refund 60 days or less of the departure date. Prior to the departure date, and upon receipt of written notice of your intent to cancel, we will refund all payments less the non-refundable $300 deposit. Should we be able to replace your spot with a new participant, we will refund your entire payment less a $100 administrative fee.

Registration Forms: Once you register, we will email you the Registration Forms to fill out, sign and return to us.

Trip Cancellation Insurance: We recommend that all participants obtain trip cancellation insurance.