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Ayurveda Wellness Counselor Program (AWCP): Level 1

With James Bailey, LAc, Dipl OM, Dipl Ayu, ERYT500 & Sevanti Wellness Institute Founder
CEs: 120 (contact hours) + 80 (non-contact hours)
Pre-Requisite: None. Open to the public.

Level 1: AWCP Foundational Training – Summer 2018

When: July 28-Aug 2 & Aug 14-19, 2018
Time: 8-6pm daily + optional yoga practice 7-8am daily
– Payment in Full:
$2675 ($2975 after June 28, 2018 – early bird extended!)
Payment Plan Details: $250 non-refundable deposit to hold your spot; then pay off your balance in installments. Pay In Full by the dates above to secure the Early Bird rate. Please choose this option if you think you will be applying any other discounts.

Please read our Cancellation Policy below before enrolling


AWCP: Level 1 Overview

The Level 1 Ayurveda Foundation Program is a 12-day immersion into the Ayurveda wellness arts and the practical workings of an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor, or C-AHC.. Level 1 programs are ideal for self healing, family care, and helping those closest to us in our communities. The program is open to everyone and may be taken as a stepping stone to the Level 2 & 3 advanced programs or alone.

Students will begin the process of becoming an Ayurvedic counselor by focusing on healing themselves and the people closest to them. This is based on the premise that we must know how to heal ourselves before we can heal others.

Level 1 also serves as an overview, allowing students to see how Ayurveda works in both theory and practice before committing to the Level 2 Advanced Certification Program.

Open to All

Level 1 Ayurveda Foundation Programs are open to all as a lifestyle immersion into the Ayurvedic view of life, health, and healing. Learn the fundamentals of Ayurveda wellness for life, for family, friends and community. Open to anyone interested in a living practice of Ayurveda and a long, healthy life

4 Core Modules

4 Core Modules: AWC 1-4 (120 hrs) are live programs taught by AWCP faculty; taught over two 6-day sessions (12 days) in the classroom environment hosted by RYS Yoga Schools; required for admissions to Level 2 Advanced Certification Program

2 Elective Modules

2 Elective Modules: AWC 5 & 6 (80 hrs) are optional programs; AWC 5 is a supervised home case report required for early practice; AWC 6 is an annual tour to lush and jungled Kerala in south India to experience one of the deepest Ayurveda traditions in all of India

What Will You Learn?

Students will learn the foundation skills of conducting traditional Ayurveda assessments, assessing both doshic constitution (prakriti) as well as conditional or symptomatic doshic imbalances (vikriti) of fellow students and volunteer guest clients.

Students will aquire invaluable insights and practical skills needed for an enlightened, effective, and very personalized self care and for the care of those around us.

A few of the topics you will learn during your Level 1 studies include:

  • The principles of Ayurvedic theory, anatomy, physiology, and keys to personal wellness
  • Personal healing insights needed on your journey to balance; healing ourselves is the first step to healing others
  • Level 1 skills to conduct a basic Ayurvedic assessment, prescribe personalize diets, and the lifestyle routines needed to restore health and balance
  • The assessment skills needed to accurately assess doshic constitutional types and offer preventative health guidelines
  • A deeper understanding of the doshas, subdoshas, body constitution, and constitutional types
  • Introductory pulse reading for reading your own pulse and fellow students
  • Ayurveda and digestive health, how to assess imbalances of digestion, how to heal chronic imbalances of the digestive system
  • Dinacharya daily routines such as self massage with warm oils (abhyanga) and seasonal cleanses with kitchari
  • Beginner level Ayurvedic herbology; initiate the path to becoming an herbalist
  • Rasayana: rejuvenation methods to slow the aging process, aid in recovery from illness, and improve stress management
  • Traditional healing mantras for physical and mental wellbeing
  • See module descriptions below for more detailed course topics

Please see the AWCP FULL Program Description here

About the Teacher

James Bailey inspires an awakening to authenticity as the highest expression of faith in oneself on the path of yoga and healing. He is sought out by yoga schools for his vast knowledge in traditional eastern teachings and modalities and the gift to bridge them to modern day living and individual healing. He leads retreats to India annually with his Sevanti Adventures. He maintains a private practice in Pacific Palisades, CA between his travels.


Referral Discount: Enrolled students may receive a 15% Referral Discount for every referral a student registers into the program. Unlimited!
TA Discount: FULL FOR 2018! Save 25-50% off the training by signing up early, helping us promote the event, teaching daily yoga classes (need 2 years teaching experience) and assisting us during the training.

Cancellation Policy:

No refunds. For AWCP trainings, a $250 non-refundable deposit reserves your space. Pay In Full by the dates above to secure the Early Bird rate. If you cancel more than 30 days prior to the beginning of the training, any payment, less the $250 deposit, will be credited to your account. If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the training, you forfeit any payments made.

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