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Want to learn more about our Training Programs? Come to an Info Session! This is an excellent way to meet the director, sample our style and learn more!

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Reiki & Energy Work Trainings

Have you wanted to learn energy work tools, but don’t know where to start? Are you curious about the chakras, meridians (energy lines) and the biofield? What is it like to sense energy? These workshops are not only an introduction to energy work and the subtle anatomy, but also a Reiki training class that will give you the tools and techniques to begin your self-care and care for others practices.

Start your journey to learn more in an Intro to Energy Work Workshop:

Devanadi’s Reiki Training Program

We offer a multi-part training to become a Reiki Master over time. We recommend that you take your time to infuse yourself with the spirit of practicing energy medicine, as many people go through their own healing themselves in the process of learning how to heal others. ~Namaste

Continuing Education & Advanced Reiki Training Programs Toward Mastery

For Reiki Practitioners attuned to Level 2 and beyond and those preparing for Master or Master Teacher Attunement and Certification

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