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Ayurveda & Yoga Therapy Consultations

Have you ever wanted your own personal Sadhana (personal holistic practice), or need to know more about how to find better balance in your diet, lifestyle, yoga practice or more? In this therapeutic and holistic session, I work with a variety of diagnostic and intuitive tools to discover what imbalances you have (vikruiti) and help bring yourself back into balance (prakriti) with this time-tested and ancient way of using Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy*.

Consultations may include assessments and guidance on:

  • complete Ayurvedic intake including dosha (constitution), guna (energetic quality), tongue, pulse, lifestyle and goals for healing
  • yoga poses help balance your imbalances
  • how to breathe to improve your deficient energy (prana vayu)
  • meditations for your type of mental state (manas prakriti)
  • lifestyle recommendations
  • dietary recommendations
  • herb and supplement recommendations
  • marma (acupressure) points for healing
  • recommendations for continued healing including referrals for bodywork, energy work, etc. if needed

My focus in each session is to help clients find their Sva Dharma (individual destiny) through use of Ayurvedic principles, Vinyasa Krama (proper sequencing), Tapas (purification & discipline), Smarana (rememberance of the self) as well as breath awareness, energetic alignment, and ancient tantric hatha yoga techniques including kriya, bandha, chakra work, mudra, and mantra practices. I also specialize in Thai Yoga Bodywork, which is deeply rooted in Indian Ayurveda, and may recommend acupressure points, passive bodywork stretches, and mindfulness techniques.

Sadhana is a Sanskrit word meaning “spiritual exertion towards an intended goal.” It’s typically used to describe the things you do in your spiritual practice. However, knowing where you are out of balance and what can bring you back into balance may be difficult to discern with limited practice and knowledge of yoga. In the “old days” of yoga (pre-American style yoga), students always worked with a teacher to not only have be guided in the path of sadhana, but also to check in with and be accountable to someone on a regular basis.

Appointments: 612-787-7895 or Contact Us
For best results, recommend 2-4 sessions scheduled over a period of 1-4 months for best results.
Investment: $200 initial consultation (includes email support for 1 month after); $108 for follow up 1 hour appointments.
Package Deal: $400 – get your initial consultation plus 2 follow up visits for a discounted price

*The yoga therapy components of my teaching are based on my YogSadhana certification, not derived from my status as an E-RYT with Yoga Alliance Registry.

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bio_tanya Tanya Boigenzahn

Tanya Boigenzahn is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) with Yoga Alliance, which acknowledges the completion of a yoga teacher training with an approved and active Registered Yoga School (RYS). Tanya started practicing yoga since the early 90s and has been teaching since 1996. She has meditated since age 15, and has a daily practice. Tanya devotes her life to sharing the gifts of yoga, wellness and well-being with clarity, ease, and joy while keeping in mind the constant evolution of the soul.

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