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Tory Borchert

To start I would like to give a little information on my professional and personal journey thus far. I have been a nurse since 2008 working with older adults and hospice patients in long term care and assisted living settings. I have seen many different end-of-life scenarios and different family dynamics. I have been the last to hold a patients hand during their last breaths and been able to offer some comforting words to their families as they are trying to hold onto memories. I have been an observer that gives me a perspective on life that I am grateful for.

Speaking to my personal life, in 2013 the father of my 2 oldest children, my husband unexpectedly passed away at the age of 30. To say this was and is shocking or difficult is an understatement. At the time of his passing and still to this day we as a family are still searching for glimpses of him in our daily life, wondering what he would have said about this or that, searching for memories and most of all just missing him immensely.

Because of my life experiences I came to the conclusion that I needed to make sure my children were still able to feel my connection to them long after I am gone. So I decided to write them letters for after my passing, whenever that may be. I did this in hopes to give them comfort, guidance and closure while they navigate through their grief.

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