The Pelvis is Everything!

The Pelvis is Everything: A New Perspective on Asana Practice
with Judith Lasater, PhD, PT

Don’t miss this short and sweet dive into moving from the pelvis as a way to relate to asana!

Often we are taught how to move in and out of asana using the spine as a reference. Certified Anatomy Nerd – this is Judith’s own term! – bring her many years of wisdom on the mat to Devanadi’s virtual classroom to help YOU find greater ease and fluidity in your poses.

The Pelvis is Everything: A New Perspective on Asana Practice
with Judith Lasater, PhD, PT

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DATES: Monday & Wednesday, September 13 & 15, 2021
TIME: 6-8pm (US Central)
COST: $88 ($108 after Aug 13, 2021)
RECORDINGS: 1 month streaming access of video recordings included with purchase. Downloadable audio recordings available for purchase for $25 (purchase option available at time of signup)

Cancellation Policy: No refunds. Credits, less a cancellation fee of $15, given 7 or more days before the class begins. No credits within 7 days.


Workshop Overview

The pelvis is at the center of the body. It is also at the center of our movements, on and off the yoga mat. However, asana is often taught with more of a focus on the spinal column or peripheral joints and structures. When we learn to move from the pelvis however, everything changes.

In this four-hour online course, we will focus on the pelvis, its anatomy and energetic importance to our lives through lecture and practice. We will study the part the pelvis plays in creating yoga poses, including standing poses, backbends, forward bends, twists and inversions. We will question with an open mind and heart some of the assumptions we make about the pelvis, and how we as teachers can open to a new way of seeing the pelvis and its potential in asana. We will also explore the dance called “walking”, and the understanding that Eastern and Western cultures teach people to walk differently. We will also explore what physical and emotional consequences are associated with the way we walk.

Judith will lead us in a practice as we learn.

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