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COVID-19 details about virtual training are noted on each event. 

Consistent attendance reinforces learning, and allows growth as a group with one teacher, as the teacher can take the students farther and deeper over time. This also develops consistency and discipline – both are needed according to the sages and yogic scriptures for success in yoga. We believe this is the best way to embody yoga. When possible, please register in advance as many of our events have supporting material to send out, as well as ZOOM links.

Upcoming Yoga Series & Workshops

Yoga Classes

We have a variety of renters affiliated with Devanadi Yoga using our sacred space for their own yoga classes. To learn more about schedule, pricing, or sign up for a class, please click the teacher’s name to contact the teacher directly, unless noted.

  • Tanya's Wednesday Class Series Wednesdays 10-12pm - *VIRTUAL* Learn More


    THIS IS A VIRTUAL CLASS SERIES – Cost includes VIDEO streaming recordings for 1 month after the end date.

    *VIRTUAL* Yoga for Prana Shakti – a 5 week *Virtual* YOGA Class Series with Tanya Boigenzahn

    WHEN: 5 Wednesdays, March 3-31, 2021
    TIME: 10-12pm (CDT) Livestream on ZOOM + Recordings & OMwork Uploaded weekly for those doing on their own
    COST: $100 ($90 for Devanadi TTs/Grads)
    Please have: A notebook and pen to take notes for optional weekly OMwork for personal growth and practice.

    2 BIPOC Scholarships available for full tuition – Email us: to apply

    BONUS GIFT: Get this course as a complimentary gift if you sign up for Tanya’s Prana Shakti: The Power & Path of Yoga – a 5-day ParaYoga Master Training running March 10-14! Email to enroll.


    “Prana is the catalyst that can be used to positively affect body and mind, break emotional and behavioral patterns, to heal oneself or others and to facilitate your own spiritual journey.”
    ~ Yogarupa Rod Stryker


    Class Description:

    The winds of change are coming in March, and it’s time to get UNSTUCK from winter, this pandemic, and our limiting beliefs and attachments. Perfect for ushering in positive change, this course will guide you to work with your most important asset… your prana. Prana is the first, smallest most essential essence that animates YOU and all of life. We often related it to the breath, but it’s so much more. Shakti is the creative potential, power, and capacity to thrive. Let’s get our bodies, minds and hearts moving in balance and health this spring and THRIVE!

    This series is perfect for: anyone needing a boost of positive energy to breakthrough any accumulated dullness or excessive distraction

    Take the series live to access that shakti (energy/power) of community or do it at your own pace with the recordings provided weekly.

    In this series we will study:
    • Teachings from sacred texts such as the Hatha Yoga Pradipika
    • The law of manifestation – the role of Shakti (divine creativity, power, capacity) in our ability to get what we truly want and influence the direction of change
    • How to tap into vast, limitless sources of capacity to positively overcome limitation and unlock your experience of the Sacred
    • How to direct prana towards healing for yourself and others
    • The 5 Prana Vayus (5 movements of wind in the body) including symptoms and signs of health
    • The 3 Gunas (3 laws of energy) and how they support or disrupt our mind and body
    • The bandhas (energetic locks) to help build and activate prana
    • Asana to open up and balance prana in the body
    • Pranayama – breath and energy control as a way to not only change the mind, but also your outlook on life
    • Meditations to help heal pranic weaknesses and/or strengthen your momentum towards personal empowerment, self mastery, fulfillment
    • How Tantric Hatha Yoga differs from Classical Patanjali yoga and why
    • Weekly Yoga Practices that help us connect to and embody the teachings
    • Contemplative exercises & Guided Meditations
    • Chanting and Mantra
    • Weekly OMwork to continue self growth
    • Sangha (community support) with weekly “Breakout Rooms” and groupwork
    • A great break in your week to gather together and raise our vibration collectively

    Recommended Reading:
    • Path of Fire and light: Volume 1 by Swami Rama

    All levels practices. All are welcome!

    Audio & Video Recordings: Cost includes access to the digital course, including video recordings, for 1 month once the course is complete. Audio recordings will be available for purchase for those who were registered for the course after the event. Please read the cancellation policy below before registering.

    NOTE: Right now we are not offering a drop-in option as this class series will build on each other week-to-week. Please sign up for the whole series. You may also sign up and watch the recordings at your own pace. Tuition includes streaming video recordings for 30 days after the class ends.

    Cancellation Policy: No refunds. Credits, less a cancellation fee of $25, given 7 or more days before the series begins. No credits within 7 days.


  • Hatha Yoga Tuesdays 10:00 - 11:15am - ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Learn More

    Lil teaches a gentle practice with a little flow and longer holds describe this class for all ages and all levels.

    Please contact Lil Almstrom for current class schedule.

  • Viniyoga™ Wednesdays 7:00- 8:15pm - ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Learn More

    Laurie teaches the Viniyoga methodology of Yoga. Viniyoga ™ is a comprehensive and authentic transmission of the teachings of yoga including asana, pranayama, bandha, sound, chanting, meditation, personal ritual and study of texts. Viniyoga ™ (prefixes vi and ni plus yoga) is an ancient Sanskrit term that implies differentiation, adaptation, and appropriate application. All levels. Fall class schedule begins September 4, 2019.

    Please contact Laurie LoPesio for current class schedule.


Please watch the video to learn more about Devanadi and our programs, director, students and more!
Due to COVID-19, we are suspending all in-person classes until further notice.

Class Levels


Introduction for beginning students or students coming back from a hiatus from yoga. Learn the basic poses, alignment plus stretching and strengthening to achieve balance.

Ends with mindful breathing and basic meditation.


Mixed levels/ Intermediate
For students familiar with the basic poses, knows when to take a break, and is working on balancing the breath throughout practice. Wider range of poses including intermediate standing poses, beginning inversions, backbends, forward bends and twists.

Learn how to bring the benefits of yoga into your daily life including meditation.


Intermediate to Advanced
For students who have taken Intermediate classes for at least one year. In addition to refining familiar poses, variations of the inversions and more challenging backbends and twists will be explored.

As understanding of the poses deepens, the inner experience reveals itself.